Sail Protocol is currently in public beta! Anyone can launch Ships as a Captain or contribute ETH to Ships as a Sailor. Come join our Discord to learn more!

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Sail is a fun, trustless NFT trading protocol for groups. Sailors contribute ETH to a Ship, and Captains can buy/sell NFTs. All trades and profits are tracked and distributed transparently on-chain.

Climb the profit leaderboard as a Captain or Sailor — or both!

A Ship is a smart contract where NFTs and ETH are held which Captains and Sailors interact with. Every Ship has two goals:

1) Crowdfund ETH to buy NFT(s)
2) Sell the NFT(s)

Each Ship is a DAO governed by the ERC-20 $SHIP tokens. Sailors receive $SHIP tokens after they contribute ETH during the Ship's Building Period.

Sailors holding $SHIP tokens can claim ETH based on the Ship's NFT sales and participate in the Ship's governance!

Captains lead NFT trades in the Ship. Sail's smart contracts enforce permissioned custody - while Captains control the ETH, they can only buy and sell NFTs. They cannot transfer ETH or make any other contract calls.

Can't afford a Fidenza but positive you can flip it? Find likeminded peers and make it come true. Sail allows users to profit from high-value NFTs even if you can't afford one yourself.

Sail is also an opportunity for NFT traders to prove their trading prowess and grow with their supporters and community.

Trade with your friends and community to the top of the leaderboard!

Sailors choose Captains they think will be successful and contribute ETH to their Ships, as well as participate in the Ship's governance.

It's important to choose the right Captains! Sailors with an eye for trading talent will rise to the top of the leaderboard 🤩

We are first launching with OpenSea (Seaport) support, with other marketplaces such as X2Y2, LooksRare, SudoSwap, etc. to follow.

For v1 of Sail, the Captain is whoever launches a Ship to fundraise and purchase NFTs.

If you're interested in becoming a Captain, please fill out the form here!

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